Saturday, 25 January 2014

Happy St Dwynwens day! Patron Saint of Lovers

Happy St Dwynwens day!
The sacred promontory: the Isle of Llanddwyn
The rood upon’t, that nod unto the world
Welcomes the penitent or lovelorn kin
Athwart the arm of the Lord:
The arm of the Holy sea, ubiquitous:
Annex of his Kingdom, acclivitous.

A ministry of love crowned in the sacraments of the surf,
Stones of a crown lifted up from the trussed shingles of the seabed,
As a shining ensign upon his land; the fundaments of Jove on earth,
An altar of living stones built up a pious beach head

For those who cease to advance love
Mad zeal would have them descend
Hither like the faithful pilgrim prove
Who seek the Paraclete divine and hearts distend
Heavy in prayer, blend auspicious
In sublunar sphere beauteous.

Extract from ‘Of his glory is Dwynwen’s story’ by Liza M Jones

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