Thursday, 28 March 2013

Happy Easter!

The eterne Godhead
Three parts in soul, clay, heart bind
Living manna Christ

Still waters his tears
Deluge replete in dotage
Harbour of refuge

God and clod mingle
Soul, blood and sin are bought
Clay fears death no more

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Poem in dedication to St Francis of Assisi: The sermon to my sister birds

The sermon to my sister birds

Like the Shephard with his flock
St Francis of Assisi gives a benignant address;
The cathedral of the skies in thrall, cluster- cloistral
Athwart a quiver, dart hither and thither, muster-mistral
Twittering plumes descending
Leafy turrets athresh the ingress; kindling

In the diocese of boughed and blessed trees;
Whence wise oratories extolling
The glory of God, redound: (Author of created things- astound!)
Wellspring profound, the saint expounds,
His cronicles with holy zeal:
The abundance of his weal

Then shall the trees of the wood sing
out at the presence of the LORD,
because he cometh to judge the earth’.
He restoreth the arid streams and firth
Like a garment lapping the bosom of his infinite bay:
Channels of his safe harbour, whence the spring strays

The middle of the valley, tapers to the reaches of tall mountains:
Inaccessible; certes secure, way up high, in the altars of the lord,
Splendid nature, in flourishin’ grove; protection for the young
Each with his mate dwelling among
The canopies, in amplitude: The Mighty enabler
Proclaims this to make ye nobler!’

HIS virtues roused the chattering chorister,
The roost of rawkus Rooks, rise a’riot
The chackling Crows and Starling shrill, reprise
In sweet dulcet chirping of the *Eos Awen, allies
The composition: Commotion: squall and cries,
Stirs the brooding Ravens croak, in oaken aviaries;

Assemblin’ cacophony gives ear: auspices of August patrimony
Intonation a’thundering and chanting devotion, awoke
The sacred breasted robin: imbrued breastplate of the king
The bobbin’ warbling wren: all feathered a’swoonin’-kin.
A turtle-dove with myrtle sprig ascends aloft
Like a cherubim spreads its wings, oft

Abiding in majestic summits toward his eminence;
 The rainbow end whence stars distend in halig pastures:
The Lord’s love transcends all understanding and overtures!

poem by Liza M Jones

*Eos Awen Welsh for 'poetic nighingale'

Friday, 8 March 2013

Poem.....St Andrews Buckland Yew

The great yews council of tenants
Where roots divide the depths
Of every generation, a triumphant

Bed that binds mans footprint
In the pastures of time, divining
Heritage by generations that rent

Pockets of time from Gods acre, dividing
Roots that scribe through the terra,
As moving armies through the earth

Creating history within their flanks, era
Upon era mortality serves to clothe the reign
And swell the clod above and fear a

Prison below; the dark faithless abode
Of the Hecate dead, where death and rebirth
Are embodied in the yews heavy ode:

Dryad totem branch that lies next to death
To carry the spirit through the open door
Where earth primordial wraps the girth,

The great trunk thickens evermore,
Like the ever expanding universe,
Where dark conceives the light to fill the core.
Poem and illustration by  Jenny A Jones

Friday, 1 March 2013

Happy St Davids Day!

 Regale David!
Unveiled design: awed,
Ubiquitous influence don: Christendom
Dewi Sant, Gods holy one of the Brythons:
Destined diocese avowed. ...
In the clod of Cymry, Llanddewi brefi
The root of David’s discourse doth applaud
The Lords augury from the highest altar, stand
A hill risen doth christen the spot of the ‘waterman’
Dewi Dyfyrwr, with dove adorned and be laud.

Diver leagues of sovereign seas, kindled streams
Springs, fountains and floods infused,
All his parts; that form his influence;
Common themes, omnipresence
of God doth guide the whole, appulsed!
Dignitary of Christ sovereignty
A Celestial ministry beckoning in Albion
The visible ecclesi arch betwixt the polis of heaven
Augur augment men; leaven
Spring- sacrum of Saintdom.

poem extract by Liza M Jones