Monday, 21 October 2013

Sonnet for Penrhos

Come marvel in the mirror of my nature.
The haunts of my muse: Penrhos pilgrimage,
 A comely paragon of unspoilt virtue;
 Consort of birds, a biblical corsage to forage;
 Unravel my mysteries in soul woven canopies:
 A breviary amidst the aviary;
 The pious mantles, agleam with a diadem of butterflies
That philtre on guiltless wings: natural topiary.
Liturgical o’flowing paths and passages,
 Idylls of bliss, the moity of souls infuse and blossom
 Clinging kisses; eternal address, succumb advowson ,
 To spousal posies; fragrant ‘thrall, hold thee hostage,
Aswoon in yielding glebe: Holy patronage,
 A bouquet of soul-marriage.

please could you sign my petition to save this inspirational place under threat from developers