Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Poem to celebrate St Georges day!

Happy St Georges day!

A worthy of Christian love and worship

Attar of Roses imbue the air, augur on seraphs gallant wing,
The arrival of an archetypal saint, anoint
Emblazoned bleeding cross of truth: standard parchemin
Winnowing…………….Lambs kin
Suffused and glorious bedecked
... Testimony of salvation
On a Stallion, bestride the stars.

Gods breast plate preserves and protects the blest
From poison, crushing and molten fother imprest,
Waxen wounds healing abound, Christs compassion;
………Caressed in the clouds
Betwixt dusk and dawn enshroud
In Heavens sublime sanctifying unction.

Prostrate George
…God doth he laud trust and pray:
‘My nerve sustain, the dragon is slain’
Apostates assembly, fash fare and fie!
……….Astounded be.
The path of righteousness, hewn through his will, behoven
Forsakes not Christ for his own life, avowedly
In his cause to die, martyrdom betoken:

Beheaded he lie, the estate of heaven reclaimed
England’s Saint published and for aye famed.
poem extract by Liza M Jones

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Chaucerian roundel poem - Aswooning the yellow hue of the daffodil debut

Aswooning the yellow hue of the daffodil debut
In the hallowed niche of Penrhos grove, bestrewn
The trail, always evergreen and wildly overgrown
The book of nature turns its page: aspring awoo!
All the birds throng the canopy in mesmeric tune
Aswooning the yellow hue of the daffodil debut!
Spellbound the fierce splendour, light imbues
Familiar boughs: squibs of the rainbow festoon;
Inspirit the air and all who come to commune
Aswooning the yellow hue of the daffodil debut!

Chaucerian roundel by Liza M Jones